City Health Office

1. Delivery of Pregnant Women and New Born Care Services.pdf
2. Issuance of Certified true copy of Laboratory result.pdf
3. Issuance of Death Certificate.pdf
4. Issuance of Exhumation Permit.pdf
5. Issuance of Medical Certificate.pdf
6. Issuance of sanitary permit for all business establishments and health permit for personnel of food establishment.pdf
7. Provision of Anti- Tuberculosis Treatment-Medicines.pdf
8. Provision of Dental Services.pdf
9. Provision of DOH health care delivery services.pdf
10. Provision of Family Planning Services.pdf
11. Provision of Laboratory Services.pdf
12. Provision of Leprosy Treatment and Medication.pdf
13. Provision of National Immunization Program Services.pdf
14. Provision of Pre-Marriage Counselling.pdf
15. Issuance of Requested Health Data and Information.pdf
16. Provision of Covid19 Vaccination.pdf
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