City Treasurer's Office

1. Barangay Fidelity Bond Form 57A signing.pdf
2. Collection of Bicycle Registration Fees.pdf
3. Collection of Business Tax.pdf
4. Collection of Transfer Tax.pdf
5. Collection of Market and Miscellaneous Fees.pdf
6. Collection of Miscellaneous Fees.pdf
7. Collection of Miscellaneous Fees-Traffic Violations.pdf
8. Collection of Real Property Tax.pdf
9. Collection of Terminal Fee.pdf
10. Issuance of Cash Tickets to Hawkers.pdf
11. Issuance of Community Tax Certificate.pdf
12. Issuance of Real Property Tax Clearance.pdf
13. Legalization Market.pdf
14. Promotional Services Market.pdf
15. Receiving of Payments for various transactions.pdf
16. Releasing of Checks and Cash Payments.pdf
17. Issuance of Notice of Real Property Tax Delinquencies.pdf
18. Recording of Vouchers including Payrolls.pdf
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